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Clouds/Cows is a diptych portrait of two commonplace subjects, one meteorological, one animal. It has been presented as both a durational theater piece and a gallery installation. Part one, Clouds, created in collaboration with sculptor Jessie Vogel, uses live choral performance and large-scale living sculpture to immerse audiences in a collective daydreaming session. Part two, Cows, quietly portrays a year in the life of three domestic bovine.
"At once comical and disturbing... The piece commands us to stop, watch and wait."  -Pelican Bomb
PERFORMANCES: The Front Gallery, New Orleans LA / FringeArts, Scratch Night, Philadelphia PA / Mount Tremper Arts Summer Festival, Mount Tremper NY / Catch 64, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn NY
Nocturnes (I-III)
Created with Skin Horse Theater, Nocturnes (I-III) is a three act investigation into humanity's relationship with the stars. Over the course of an hour the theater is transformed from the mission control room of man's first spaceflight, to the zero-gravity environment of a space station, to a cosmic landscape of planets, stars, nebulas and black holes.
"Absolutely mind-boggling... pushes more envelopes than the post-office"  -New Orleans & Me
"Beautiful and poignant"   -NOLA Defender
"Unlike anything else staged so far this season"   -Times-Picayune
PERFORMANCES:LiveArts Bard, Fisher Center for Performing Arts, Annandale-On-Hudson NY / New Orleans Fringe Festival, The Cosmodrome, New Orleans LA / Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, New Orleans LA
Readymade 1 (Domino's)
This piece is performed covertly, as such there is no footage of the performance.
Readymade 1 is an experiment in applying the Dadaist concept of “readymade art” to live theater. The audience looks into the illuminated storefront of a Domino’s Pizza from a second story window across the street. An incognito performer enters, orders a pizza and sits inside for 30 minutes. Whatever happens to occur in the Domino’s and on the street during that time is the content of the performance.
PERFORMANCES: Niños Malos Performance Initiative, PARSE Gallery, New Orleans LA
She Was Born
She Was Born depicts the life cycle of She, a fictitious alien bug, who procreates via parthenogenesis (a form of asexual reproduction in which mothers give birth to exact genetic clones of themselves). The show uses absurd humor to explore the most basic question of all: Why am I alive?
"Enchanting, then alarming, ultimately heartbreaking... the finest show I've seen this year." -NOLA Defender
"Justifies the raw power of live performance." -Austin360
PERFORMANCES: FORGE, Theater at St. Claude, New Orleans LA / Rude Fusion, The Off Center, Austin TX / Sawyer Farm Artists Residency, Worthington MA / The Tigermen Den, New Orleans LA
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